Just as Jesus welcomes all people, all people are welcome at Coast Community Church, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic class, and personal background. We are a community seeking to know and share God's loving and redeeming purposes for individuals, families, our city, and the world.

Each Sunday, we gather together to worship God and study His word.  We have Bible studies for kids, teens, and adults at 9am Sunday morningsfollowed by our main worship service at 10am.

Sunday Gatherings

9:00aFamily Bible Studies           10:00a Worship Service

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What's important.


We were all designed to worship God. This is shaped by the music we play, heart-felt prayer and learning from God's Word. We also share the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month.


We are committed to seeing families thrive and believe the best way to do that is to nurture sincere faith in Jesus. We support the family in worship, small groups, and children's student ministry.


We recognize that all people are on a journey, searching for purpose, meaning and truth. We, too, are ordinary people on a journey who have found that this path is best traveled with friends.


Our younger generations need the older generations. We believe the investment of older generations is critical in forming authentic, life-long faith in young people.

Our City.

God is for the world. Our first and foremost call to missional living is to see the people and institutions of our city flourish. We seek to see Santa Barbara and Goleta thrive.

Unity in Diversity.

The cultural, gender, ethnic, and age differences in our community are celebrated. We believe that we are better together than separate. All people are welcome.

"God's grace and love have been at work in

your life long before you ever knew."

- Pastor James Kinzler

What's a Nazarene?

A Christian People.

We join with all true believers in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in embracing the historic Trinitarian creedal statements of Christian faith.

A Holy People.

God, who is holy, calls us to a life of holiness. Holiness in the life of believers is most clearly understood as having the character of Jesus Christ or Christlikeness.

A Missional People.

We are a sent people, going into all the world, witnessing to the Lordship of Jesus and participating with God in the building of the Church and the extension of His kingdom.