The next steps

Have you began to desire taking the next steps in your faith? Do you feel called to become a member of our church? Of being baptized? We have a few different ways you can become involved in our church, and in serving Christ. 

"I visited one to three times"

Our Discovering Coast Community class is a two week class that happens quarterly on Sunday Nights that is from 5-7pm. You are more than welcomed to join and participate in these classes.

"I have been attending for a few months"

We have several growth groups in our church that we would be thrilled to have you in! Please email Pastor Danny at to be able to sign up for a group!

"I have been attending for a year or more"

Begin considering becoming a member of our church. If you are interested in becoming a member, please sign up for our membership classes, held by Pastor James twice a year. To begin talking about this great process, please talk to Pastor James at

"I am a member of the Church"

We believe that all members in our church should have a spot to serve within the church community. This includes considering First Impressions Ministry, Children's Ministry, Student Ministry and in Growth Group ministries. We believe that all members of our church should also have a spot to serve in the local community, which includes the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity, and the Unity Shoppe. If you need help figuring out a spot where you could serve, please talk to any of our pastors.